Breathe Easy With An N95 Particulate Respirator During Smokey Days Cal OES News

With the H1N1 Influenza virus spreading throughout the globe what can you do to protect yourself and your family from becoming it's latest victim? Perhaps it is time for us to re-educate both the young and old on the importance of safeguarding our health by making use of our stockpile of N95 masks not only when we fall ill or during episodes of haze, but also to protect us from underlying health complications due to toxic airborne gases and particulate matter.

As wildfire smoke pervaded the capital region this week and the air quality index plunged into its worst levels, Sacramento officials and others are handing out free respirator masks to residents to help them reduce the pollutants they're breathing into their lungs.

N95 masks are of 9 types of disposable particulate respirators. 2 Functional means that the N95 respirator has maintained its physical n95 dust mask integrity and when used properly provides protection (exposure reduction) consistent with the assigned protection factor for this class of respirator.

Some residents opted to use paper or surgical masks for protection after they were unable to find an N95 respirator. 1. Use an N95 face mask to protect yourself from particles in the air. These masks also come with number classifications, such as P100 and R 95. The numbers stand for the percentage of particles they filter out.

Thus, the maximum length of continuous use in non-dusty healthcare workplaces is typically dictated by hygienic concerns (e.g., the respirator was discarded because it became contaminated) or practical considerations (e.g., need to use the restroom, meal breaks, etc.), rather than a pre-determined number of hours.

If you are experiencing adverse effects from breathing in a smoky environment, even indoors, you may benefit from using a tight-fitting respirator. If worn properly, a facemask is meant to help block large-particle droplets, splashes, sprays or splatter that may contain germs (viruses and bacteria), keeping it from reaching your mouth and nose.

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